DURAL DO IT YOURSELF GUIDE IS ONLINE! As DURAL production is currently on HOLD, I decided to share all necessary files and list of components you need to build DURAL yourself – https://github.com/BatiKING/DURAL_DIY

UPDATE! – Unfortunately, DURAL production is going ON-HOLD.
I made this decision based on some formal issues, related to tax regulations etc. If situation changes in the future, I will resume production.

Shortly, I will share a pack of files necessary to build a DURAL yourself! so if you really want one, you can DIY 🙂

Dural is an all-button controller perfect for playing fighting games.

Based on RP2040 chip, DURAL is one of the fastest controllers out there (1000Hz polling rate)

Acrylic enclosure gives dural beautiful look, and allow it to stay compact

(L=30cm, W=18cm, H=1.3cm)

Kailh Choc switches combined with custom made button caps help reach maximum precision.

DURAL is compatible with PC, Switch, PS3 and a selection of PS4 fighting games, which support PS3 controllers

(most major franchises – Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Skullgirls and more)

Designed and assembled in The Netherlands, DURAL is aimed at European players craving for good all-button controller.


  • 12 Kailh Choc v1 switches for directional and action buttons
  • 12 Kailh Hot Swap sockets – replace your switches with ease!
  • 6 tact switches for option buttons
  • USB-C port (cable NOT included)
  • RP2040 microcontroller (minimal input lag)
  • PS3/Switch/PC(XInput) compatibility + Compatibility with PS4 games supporting PS3 controllers (Tekken, MK, SF, Skullgirls etc.)
  • L: 30cm x W: 18cm x H: 1.3cm
  • Button plunger diameter – 22.5cm, and 28.5cm for the UP button
  • 3 SOCD cleaning modes – “Up priority”, “Neutral” and “Last input priority”
  • GP2040 firmware – Great open source firmware, feature rich and easy to configure. (more info)
  • Easy to customize enclosure – your custom art goes between 2 acrylic layers. (custom art template in the DOWNLOAD section)
  • Choose between 2 color schemes – white board and menu buttons, or black board and menu buttons (depending on the availability)

What’s in the box:

  • Dural controller
  • Dural controller use RP2040

Backstory (must read if you’re concerned about Warranty, Customer support etc.)

DURAL is not a registered company, and is not a trademark – DURAL is a craft item, designed, assembled and sold by a private individual.


My name is Kamil, but I’m better known as “Bati”.

I’m the guy behind DURAL, and I feel like I need to explain a few things before I encourage you to buy one 🙂 .

As mentioned above, DURAL is my side project, and is not sold as a commercial product, therefor, I’m not able to provide a legal Warranty, or legal Customer support – which doesn’t mean I won’t help you if you have a problem with your DURAL.

I’m going to address issues and answer questions as soon as possible.

You can reach out to me via e-mail, Twitter DMs, and Reddit Chat (links to social media are below)

Now some actual Backstory 🙂 – idea for DURAL was born when I first tried to get my hands on a “hitbox style” controller – I searched the web for a good controller available in my region… and couldn’t find any – searching more, I found most of the options are controllers made and sold in the USA.

(Hereby, if you’re reading this in US, I encourage you to check out, Sleepunit – OSFRD and ParadiseArcade – MPress)

However, importing one from the US is not ideal, as the shipping cost + customs fee are a huge expense.

That’s when I decided to create my own all-button controller.

After working on initial design, I realised – I could make it reproducable if I keep the design simple enough.

My main inspiration was MPress and SnackBoxMicro, and after I started working on the design, I also found 2 very similar concepts from u/jfedor and @pomegd. While pomegds “Mille-feuille” controller is made and sold in Japan, jfedors 3d printed design in not for sale at all (it’s available for download – order PCB yourself, and 3d print all the components)

All these designs are really cool, and they were an inspiration, however, I think DURAL stands out in one important way – size.

Making things as small as possible is trendy and cool, however, I find controllers that are too small, simply not comfortable to play when holding them on your lap, and that’s how majority of players use their controllers. I took a lot of care to size DURAL so that it’s comfortable to use, and still compact.

Another very important thing, is the input lag. Coming from a competitive Tekken environment, I had to make sure DURAL introduce least input lag possible. That’s where RP2040 chip comes into play – it has a 133MHz processor, fast enough for 1000Hz polling rate (around 1ms input lag). That’s faster than practically all other “boards” and controllers according to Input Lag Science! One downside of using RP2040 is, no native PS4 compatibility – Only fighting games that support PS3 controllers in their PS4 versions, are compatible with DURAL. Sony decided to disable small companies and hobbyists from creating their own PS4 controllers, without licensing them, so they incorporated an advances security system in PS4 and DualShock4. That system is the reason why DURAL is not compatible with PS4 natively.

If you wonder how is it possible that some other boards work with PS4, even thou they are not licensed by Sony… well, there are ways, not always legal, to overcome hurdles like this, and no “security system” is completly immune to that.

DURAL incorporates Kailh Choc v1 brown switches, and Kailh Hot Swap sockets, meaning, you can replace your buttons quick and easy – just pull the switch out, and stick new in – there are plenty of options for different switch feel and sound. (Sound test video). These switches are main reason why DURAL can be so slim – they are very low profile and require not much space to install, while still, they are rated for 70 million presses! (comparing to some other “arcade” button switches, which are rated for 5 million presses).

Then, there is the software – Firmware running DURAL is currently my own code – It covers most important features, like low imput lag, and one SOCD cleaning method (left+right=neutral, up+down=up) – however, I am planning on incorporating a great open source firmware designed especially for RP2040 chips, called GP2040 – it includes more SOCD cleaning methods, XInput for PC (instead of Direct input, currently used by DURAL) and Switch compatibility.

Check back for updates on the firmware change.

Now to answer the burning question: “Can I buy one?!”

Yes, if you live in Europe (not necessarily in EU 🙂 ), and, if there is still stock available.

As I mentioned before, DURAL is a project realised by a private individual. Controller is soldered and assembled by hand, therefor it takes time to build up stock. Obviously it also takes money to buy components 🙂 so, the more DURALS are sold, the more DURALS will be created for others to buy.

Disclaimer: DURAL is still evolving, and it will change in the future – components, software, design and price, are subject to change in future revisions.


Quick instructions – How to change Input modes (PS/PC/Switch)

Hold below buttons while plugging USB cable in:

Square – Playstation

Cross – Switch

Circle – XInput (PC)

For detailed User Manual, visit GP2040 Usage page (https://feralai.github.io/GP2040/#/usage)

For video tutorials, visit DURALs YT channel:


Top layer custom art template – DOWNLOAD



Are you a DURAL owner already? Cool! Please leve me some feedback (LINK to Feedback page) and help out spread the word by posting a Twitter post about your experience with DURAL 🙂