B-grade DURALS available! Sign up for the waiting list!

Due to an issue with the acrylic provider, I have a stock of B-grade DURALs which I need to sell before I can make another batch of regular controllers. These B-grades function the same as regular ones, but are not aestetically perfect.

Some of the acrylic layers are slightly scratched, some have small cracks on the sides, others have small specs of dust etc on them. Below you can find a couple of photos of what to expect – however, keep in mind, it’s very dificult to take a decent photo of a scratch on a transparent surface – I did my best, but these scratches look slightly different in person. They look worse than in person on some photos, and better on some other photos.

Currently, only white color variant is available.

The price for a B-grade DURAL is: €130 + shipping

To get your B-Grade DURAL, fill in the form: WAITING LIST FORM

Currently, there are 9 B-grade DURALs available – to get one, fill in the form.

List is currently full – there will be one more batch of B-grade durals shortly – this next batch will have 10 or 11 pieces available, so stay tuned.

Waiting list. (List refresh every 15min – if you’ve filled in the form but you still can’t see your name on the list, check again in 15 min)